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Data Science Capstone

DSC 180AB, Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 at UC San Diego

Please fill out the following feedback forms:

The table below contains the week-to-week schedule of lessons and assignments for students.

  • The dates contained in the second column are the Mondays corresponding to the methodology “lecture” slots; domain meetings aren’t necessarily on Mondays.
  • The abbreviation MA refers to “methodology assignments”.
1Sept. 26Live: Introduction
MA 1 (due Oct. 2)
2Oct. 3Project OrganizationMA 2 (due Oct. 9)Starting Week 2, Participation questions are due 24 hours before discussion meetings.

These are in addition to any tasks or readings your mentor assigned you.
3Oct. 10Scientific Writing
4Oct. 17Containerization with DockerMA 3 (due Oct. 23)
5Oct. 24Software Development
Live: Introduction to Introductions
Mid-Quarter Feedback FormQ1 Project Checkpoint (due Oct. 30)
6Oct. 31 🎃Long-Running Jobs
Live: Exploratory Data Analysis
7Nov. 7Quarter 2 Project ProposalMA 4 (due Nov. 13)
8Nov. 14ExamplesMA 5 (due Nov. 23)
9Nov. 21No methodology lessons or lecture help sessions
10Nov. 28Q1 Project (due Dec. 5)

Q2 Project Proposal (due Dec. 5)